The most popular and common place to find mass amounts of communication is on the internet and more specifically social media. The continuos advancements in technology in the world we that we live in has created new platforms that generate communication. These platforms are better known as social media and they offer many unique and fun ways for people to interact with one another, all on the cyber web. Some of the most popular social media websites/apps are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. All four are massive billion dollar companies that allow millions of users to socialize with one another all in one convenient place. Social media has continued become more and more prevalent each and every year. These platforms offer many cool features that are easily accessible built on formats that are user friendly and easy to use for anyone. This has created an alternate world for communication that grants people the ability to communicate to seemingly endless amounts of others. In this blog I would like to touch on some of the positive and negative effects of social media communication.


Social media has made communication never been so fun by offering fun filters, cool texts, quick messaging, the ability to comment/like on photos, bitmojis, geotags, and so much more. This is why so many people enjoy using these different platforms to communicate different things. You have apps like Instagram and Facebook to post all of your favorite photos allowing all your friends and followers to see. Then you have apps like Twitter to post your thoughts and opinions all in 240 characters or less. Then theres Snapchat where people are able to post their daily activity for others to watch. Social media gives people a place to find things of their interest, while also being able to communicate and meet others. Having these platforms has made communication easier than ever by providing a medium that targets all kinds of demographics of people. Social media can be great for spreading important information to people at a very fast rate and can rapidly spread to inform more people. Social media has helped change lives and spread awareness for all kinds of things by grabbing the attention of millions and getting people to want to make a difference.


Although platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram provide convenient and easily accessible places for people to interact, there are some down falls to them. The first problem with social media sites is that although you may think the things you say and post are private… they are never actually fully safe. It can be very easy for personal information to be leaked onto the internet and then go viral from there. These social media sites have the ability to make or break a persons reputation and personal image. These platforms may be great for seeing what others post but it has also become a place where people get exposed and violated. It is very common for people to get cyber bullied on social media because people have the power to publicly humiliate others. This is why it is very important for others to be careful what they post and say on the internet because it can come back to bite you in the real world. Social media has also developed some improper communication habits especially when comes to a persons writing. People often develop bad habits that use improper grammar and specially that may negatively impact how you communicate in the real world.

Social media is a powerful thing that can make huge differences but can also ruin peoples lives and that why it is so important to be smart when communicating publicly on the internet. Social media will only get increasingly more powerful and popular as time goes on, it’s not something thats going to go away anytime soon. Use social media for the benefits that it can cause and avoid posting any information that could potentially hurt you in the long run.

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